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animation in title

Animation-ish Make your mark and see it move!
Size: 136 MB
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animation animate text animation animate text doodle  
Hello Animation! Widget Opera widget that will simply display on your desktop a text that you will write
Size: 49 KB
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view text opera widget displayer text display  
Palette Animation The article demonstrates how to create an animation with palette
Size: 6KB
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image superimpose freeware animation browser reg to xla  
Clouds Animation This file created in Flash 8 and Flash CS3T
Size: 180 KB
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Animation Wallpaper Animation Wallpaper will change the standard desktop wallpaper method. Breakthrough animation desktop wallpaper technology, stunning image slide show wallpaper and unparalleled flash wallpaper.
Size: 3100K
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desktop animation animation wallpaper collection  
Animation Talk Create Fun, Talking Animations
Size: 3.8 MB
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animation in tags

Scmpoo The world's coolest desktop sheep
Size: 116 KB
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desktop desktop animation desktop sheep screen mate sheep  
Stykz If you've ever used Pivot StickFigure Animator, you'll feel right at home and will appreciate the extra features that Stykz has to offer! And even if you havent used Pivot, youll find Stykz to be a po
Size: 9.43MB
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Frame animation animation software frame-based  
Fireworks Supreme An amazing screensaver with randomly generated fireworks
Size: 3.4 MB
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screensaver animation fireworks screensaver  
TOKI LineTest A linetest software for cartoonists and animators, for the professionals in animation, students or amateurs
Size: 2.1 MB
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Create animation cartoon cartoon animation create animation  
Synfig Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources. While th
Size: 28.7 MB
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animation create animation vector-based animation  
Langton's Ant Java-based cellular simulation
Size: 16 KB
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simulation simulate simulator animation Array animated 2D  

animation in description

PAP:Shareware (Plastic Animation Paper) Plastic animation Paper (PAP:Shareware) is a 2D animation package for professionals, students, and enthusiasts. Whether you come from a traditional or digital background you will improve your working ...
Size: 2.41MB
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improve speed Animation Speed improve read speed  
animbar easy to use application specially designed to enable you to easily create your own animation on paper and transparancy. From a set of input images two output images are computed, that are printed one ...
Size: 8.2 MB
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Create generator generate create animation  
BigBen's Animation Screenaver BigBen's animation is a nice screensaver that displays an animation with the famous Big Ben from London. The total duration of the animation is 2:04 minutes. So if you want to enjoy visiting London fr...
Size: 10.2 MB
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screensaver animation famous animation  
Khayalan GIFShot Portable Make a capture from webcam into GIF animation format Khayalan GIFShot is program to make a capture from webcam into GIF animation format. GIFShot is easy, powerful, and user friendly interface, makin...
Size: -
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JavaScript Animator Express This utility allows you to easily create animation from image files (GIFs and JPGs) on your local drive. The animation is achieved by creating a simple HTML page with JavaScript animation, and running...
Size: 25.39K
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javascript create animation animator make animation  
Amazing Photo Editor 7.7.5 Easy GIF animation that helps you edit gif animation with photos and images. Convert GIF animation to AVI animation. Converter AVI animation to GIF animation.
Size: -
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